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Do you run out of time?

Categories: Exercise, Goals

Have you ever struggled to fit in training with work or trying to justify going to the gym and training along with other expenses.

Louise has been training with me for a while and is now saving for a house, which is super exciting and hearing all the gossip about where she is looking to move to.

It has meant she has had to change the way she trains and now comes to our Blast Programme once a week and has started running, to increase the training she has been doing, but all this is helping her long term in getting fitter and stronger so she knows what to do in her own time and is still reaching her big goal of owning her own house.

Louise has this to say about our programme:

"I've really enjoyed the 6 Week Blast Programme which I've just completed. I've trained with Gemma for a few months now but during the short course my strength and fitness has significantly increased. I’ve also seen that it has benefited and improved my running. I’ve been shown new techniques and exercises in the programme, and with the small number of people in the sessions means that Gemma can really focus on each individual and help perfect my technique. "

If you have been feeling nervous about other commitments you may have or have a race coming up and you're really not sure you're going to be fit enough to run the course, drop me a message and we can have a chat.

I'll be opening the doors to new people coming and joining us at the end of the week and want to give you guys a heads up and get in there before everybody else does.


Gemma 'having a blast' Spackman