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Do you run out of hours in the day?

Do you ever feel like there aren't enough hours in the day or you're working constantly and never really getting anywhere?

I know the feeling.

I left the security of full time employment 3 years ago and it although it was the the best decision I ever made it was also one of the scariest.

We had just moved house, about to get married and we were thinking of starting a family.

How on earth were we going to survive?

Through a lot of hard work, some sleepless nights and often a bit of panic.

Now even though my hours of work are crazy and most people cant understand why I'm often at work at 6.30am and don't get home until 8pm and can still enjoy the work I do.

Sometimes neither do I. And I'm sure on more than one occasion it test Laura's patience as I'm out of the house a lot.

But I look at what we have achieved....

Well role on 3 years, we have a great house, happily married, have Monty and another little one due at the end of the year.

All this has happened though hard work and it doesn't come easily.

I plan, I think things through and I always look at how doing something will benefit me and my family.

I understand that trying to fit in training can be a nightmare, I have often gone for weeks without training just so I can work when I do get time at home I want to spend it with Monty.

I understand that focusing on food is hard and can be much more convenient to grab things on the go.

Doing training courses can be scary its out a normal routine but in the end it can benefit you. My big decision this year was do take time out and complete my Sports Massage Course. It took up a lots of time and weekends that are for family but I'm able to do so much more, help more people and most of all I'm happier.

But get that support network around you. Laura is great at it. So when its a Sunday we both know its a family day and nothing else gets in the way.

If you're not happy about something, try and change it. Be positive and always look forwards even if it is scary. Like me and the world of self employment!

Gemma 'looking forwards' Spackman

PS What's the dream you have of following at the moment, I'd love to know.