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An Invitation for You

Categories: Exercise, Goals

In business you probably already know how important it is to take a day out and work on strategy every quarter - working ON your business rather than IN it. It helps you get to your goals much faster and with a clearer route.

Makes sense, right?

So, here’s an interesting question.

Why aren’t you adopting the same process for you and your health, after all, is there anything more important?

Stress is a massive danger, it can lead to high blood pressure, heart disease, anxiety, depression, headaches, weight gain, neck pain, bad back, poor sleep. Recognise any of these? All of them can affect your performance at work and at home. Do you find yourself making poor decisions, snapping at people, or your mind going completely blank?

I hear you. We all have stress in our lives. Every day we wake up and have to get from A to B, look after the kids, go on appointments, cook, sleep, clean, all while looking like fully functioning adults in control, argh!!!

An invitation.

I know how important it is to take time out for yourself. To de-stress and do something just for you, something that will keep you fit and healthy for your family. I do it by field walking.

I am inviting you to take a day out of your ordinary life to work ON yourself. Join me for a special VIP Day where we will focus on your needs to improve your health and stamina and combat the effects of stress; or get you ready for the race season if you are feeling competitive.

Here’s your agenda.

  • A training session held at The Embankment in Nottingham where I assess your running technique and fitness levels.
  • A studio-based training session with all the kit, and then…
  • We sit down and create an individual training plan for your needs/venture.
  • Fast-track knowledge with me as your expert in your corner.
  • Kit recommendations from trainers to sports bras to which Vaseline to use (yes you will need it).
  • Feedback on your food diary.
  • VIP Handbook which sets your goals and highlights the obstacles likely to trip you up. We will come up with solutions and mindset hacks to get you over that finish line or to hit that goal you have set.
  • Injury assessment, I’ll warn you what to watch out for depending on your body.
  • Plus, we will come up with a list of small simple changes to your technique that will give you optimum results.
  • Then, once we’ve done all the hard work, you get to relax and enjoy a deep tissue massage that will relieve tight muscles and make your body more efficient.
  • You will leave with your goody bag which contains your Individual Training Plan – goal setting and obstacle hack list – Recommendation of technical changes to improve your performance - Food recommendations, Kit recommendations, Trigger Point Ball, Vaseline, running socks, T-shirt, and a follow-up call.

This is a bespoke programme built entirely around YOU, getting you the results you need FAST.

I only have FIVE VIP Days available this summer so book early to avoid disappointment.

Your investment is £799, around the same price as a Spa weekend and the results will last a lifetime.

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