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Why do you take part?

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What does sportsmanship mean to you?

Sportsmanship is “an understanding of and commitment to fair play, ethical behaviour and integrity, and general goodwill toward an opponent. It is an affirmation that an athlete is disciplined enough to have perspective, maintain poise and do what is best for his or her teammates”

It’s one of my main reasons I love taking part and being actively involved in helping others within sport.  I’ve witnessed it when playing football and when obstacle course racing, helping other races tackle an obstacle, particularly important when you can see it might be their first time coming across the challenge or when you might need a leg up yourself.

Sportsmanship not only applies to sport and physical activity, but follows though into everyday life. I’ve seen the importance of teaching sportsmanship to children in schools. How they learn to respect one another and grasp the understanding of rules and expected behaviour.

Having a negative experience of sportsmanship can have a big impact on somebodies experience in sport.

Has this ever happened to you?

Maybe when you’ve been running you’ve been on the end of some negative comments, been in the gym and not fancied going into the weights zone in case you feel intimidated or not supported by the other people in there.

This is one of the reasons I set up the studio.

I’ve created a safe and friendly environment where all my clients feel supported and look after each other in the sessions.

If you have an event coming up and want to train here, drop me a message.