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Which Superhero are you?

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Have you seen the videos on my Facebook page from yesterday?

We had a great time at The Obstacle Gym on Sunday as part of our Blast Programme.

Do you guys remember my post about our last trip there, beginning of February and it was flippin' freezing. Rain, snow you name it we had all the weather going.

This time so soooo much nicer. The sun was out, the course was nice and dry and Monty came as our mascot for the day.

Laura has now decided she should become our photographer after taking all the pictures of us.

It was amazing, the weather made such a difference to the obstacles, still very challenging but not quite so daunting.

I had set myself the task of making sure I didn't hesitate too much on the Dragons Back and I would do the somersault dismount off the rope traverse.

Mission Accomplished, I felt like Lara Croft!

For Trudi she was very nervous about the session. From previously having a couple of bad experiences at races she wanted to tackle those fears head on and put them all behind her.

She did amazingly. With lots of team work from the other guys on the course, she was flying over the walls. her big challenge was overcoming the water crossing. With some coaching from the guys at the gym and her heart pounding she slowly and steadily made her way balancing on the rope to cross the water.

Cue big celebrations on the other side when she reached dry land.

What obstacles do you find your biggest challenge?

Going to the session has pointed out some bits that I know I need to work on and Trudi felt the same, she has been training with me for over a month and has already seen huge improvements in her strength and now we are going to look a bit more in detail in her upper body strength.

It's the great thing about training in small group, you are getting focused semi private personal training and meeting new people at the same time. It means it is great fro really improving your strength and fitness.

If its something you think you would like to have a go at, drop me a message and we can have a chat.


Gemma 'off to set to goals' Spackman