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When things don't go to plan

Categories: Exercise

If you've caught my live videos over the last week on Facebook, many of you'll already know I had a frustrating week.

I somehow managed to injure my neck. Bad timing, as I had Reaper booked to complete at the weekend which I had to defer my place to later in the year and this coming weekend I have a day at The Obstacle Gym booked with the guys on our Blast Programme.

I want to make sure I'm fully fit for doing that, otherwise I know I'll be annoyed standing the sidelines wanting to really push myself on the course.

Have you guys ever felt like that? Really want to do something but know if you do you'll only be in a worse position.

I had to take my own advice I give to clients and if you're not 100% don't risk it.

I turned a negative into a positive. We had a family day out to Sherwood Pines on Saturday, the weather was amazing for some walking and a picnic and Sunday we went to White Post Farm so Monty could enjoy al the animals.

How have you managed to turn a situation around?

Have you ever crashed out or not finished in one race knowing your next one you will crush just to show yourself you can do it?

Have you ever not fully prepared for a race and gone back the following year having trained so hard you get it spot on?

I know I'll be back with vengeance in May when its Tough Mudder time, I won't be letting anything stop me for that one.

Gemma 'off to rest my neck' Spackman