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What to wear for training in the cold weather

Categories: Exercise

As the cold weather is setting in, what to wear in the winter months for training can be a difficult decision.

I know that I want to be wrapped up warm as soon as I leave the house, but as soon as I start training I know I will get hot from all the hard work I will be doing.

Once you have braved the decision to get out of the house and start training whether it is to exercise outside or to get to the gym exercising has all the great benefits to feeling healthier and happier and you will be grateful to yourself and feel accomplished once you have completed your session.

This blog is going to focus on training outside and options for you to wear.

Make sure you have a good pair of trainers with good grip and a cushioned sole. If you are running you need to protect your joints from the impact of running, but also make sure you aren’t going to slip over if it is an uneven, wet and slippy surface.

As for your clothes, wear layers, then as you get hot you can always take them off.  I would suggest wearing a base layer that will take the sweat away from your skin, then a jumper or fleece and finally a waterproof jacket when it is raining or windy.

When it gets extra chilly, gloves to keep you hands warm, and a scarf will help to warm the air that you breathe in and make it easier to work harder and breath deeper. Your body will lose most of its heat from your head so to stay warm a hat is always a good idea.

In summary my tip to staying warm and training in the cold weather is to wear lots of layers and you can then remove them as you get hotter. If you would like more tips on how to train during the winter months email me