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What is your favourite way to use Monkey Bars?

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I've been all go this week with work and this weekend was a family party so it gave me a chance to properly sit back and relax and look back on this last year. 

Time has flown by and to think that I've been in the studio for 1 year has been amazing. Lots of clients have stepped through the doors all set on challenging themselves with the events they have planned and want to build their fitness for. For some its just been to get focused again and needing that friendly and supportive environment to exercise in. 

This year has seen me become more focused with my training and to do that I booked my place at the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships. Training has been going well, I've hit a few stumbling blocks along the way, one little niggle I have at the moment is with my shoulder and neck, which is stopping me from training quite as hard as I want to.

But with one month to go until race day I'm making sure I put my focus elsewhere with training. Which I'll go into a little more next week. So you guys have alternative ideas for training when things don't always go to plan. 

However Obstacle technique is always plays a big part in training and I got the chance to film part of it on one of the runs we were doing with the kids. 

Monkey bars are a great for testing upper body, grip, core and technique. There are so many different ways to can move across them. This can be taking placing 2 hands on each bar and taking a smaller swing, 1 hand on a bar and taking a bigger swing (can be a bigger challenge on grip) moving sideways across them, the possibilities are endless. I personally prefer to do one hand on each bar and get a good swing with my hips as I move, I find the transitions much easier and not as tiring. 

Get in touch and let me know which technique you prefer.

We're going to be running some masterclasses in the future, what techniques and tips would you like to see in these sessions.