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Proud Moment

Categories: Exercise, Goals

For me this weekend has been lovely, I've been able to spend loads of time with my family.

Lots of down time needed after a few very busy weeks.

Which meant one thing spending lots of time with Monty, he's now 7 and a half months and doing loads. We are certain he is going to be crawling soon!

However this weekend has all been about playing with his ball. He loves it and is his go to toy at the moment.

Now all this throwing and catching with him, really got me thinking.

If he was learning to do this on his own it would take him forever to master this skill.

You can see in the video its taking him a while to learn it and its still a bit hit and miss. But with our help he is picking it up quickly and determined to keep going.

Now think of something you are training for and trying to master at the moment.......

You could keep trying on your own, or you could find somebody to help you and make things easier. You'll reach your goal so much quicker and it will be more fun in the process.

If you haven't already done so, like our facebook page, I put loads if tips, training sessions and things to help you make your training easier and quicker.

Thanks Gemma 'proud mummy' Spackman

PS. If you are fed up of trying to master your training on your own and want somebody to help you with your training right now, come and join us on our Blast Programme. Ping me a message and I'll send you some more information.