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One Month Into The Journey

Categories: Exercise, Goals, Massage

It has been a long process and many of you have been involved with the development of the studio, from the early ideas in a note book to the realisation during the summer that I could get my own premises in West Bridgford for a Personal Training Studio.

Now we've up up and running for over a month and the feedback I've had has been amazing.

For those of you that haven't popped in to the studio to see what we're all about I'll give you a quick run down on our set up and ethos.

I wanted to create a Personal Training Studio that reflected where I've come from and what I believe in. Lots of you know that I started Personal Training after I injured my back playing football nearly 10 years ago, I was devastated, I didn't know what to do with myself. All I had known was sport and knew that's what I wanted to work in, so being told this big part of my life might not be possible was shattering. 

I took some time out and went to Australia and travelling for a year, it was the best thing I could have done. I came back with new ideas and focused on what I wanted to do. I met Laura not long after that and we both started looking ahead and planning this is when she started her Teacher Training Degree and me my Personal Training Diploma. When Monty arrived I knew I'd had enough of driving around to different locations and venues to train clients and wanted to see everybody at a studio. 

This is where the family ethos I have comes in. I like to know what is going on with my clients and they share stories with me as much as I share what's happening with my family. 

We get plenty of work done and with the training programmes I plan for clients they are all focused on their own goals. I know from personal experience how having a good strength and conditioning programme can affect how you perform. This isn't just about being ready for a race, its even getting about and doing daily tasks free from pain. 

This is when I knew that completing my Sports Massage Diploma would help even more clients. The feedback I've had has been amazing. Being able to treat people from start to finish in a holistic approach at the studio. We are helping to make sure people are pain free and have a great fitness level. 

A number of clients have trained with me for a number of years and I've seen them complete some amazing challenges. These are just a few of them:

  • Running the London Marathon
  • Completing their first Tough Mudder
  • Being scared of heights and jumping off a platform at an Obstacle Course race
  • Completing the Spartan Trifecta
  • Running their first of a number of Ultra Events
  • Getting Parkrun PB's week after week having plateaued
  • Hitting their weight loss goals each month so they could look amazing at their daughters wedding
  • Eliminating their back pain

You name it we've helped our clients achieve a number of things. So although we specialise in runners and obstacle course racers we welcome everybody into the Fundamental Sports and Fitness family to help the achieve their goals. 

We are a small private studio in the centre of West Bridgford, lots of our clients work in Nottingham have come after work as we are really easy to get to from the city with parking in front of the studio and right next to Trent Bridge with the bus stops.

There are a lot of different options for you to chose from when you train with us, whether you're looking for OCR Training, Semi Private Personal Training or 1:1 Personal Training

We have a variety of weights on the ground floor for strength and conditioning work and upstairs we have kettlebells, TRX and a space to do body weight exercises. Once you become a member there are lots of training options and classes you can come to along with discounts on sports massages and member of the month prizes to claim. 

If you want more information contact us here and we can have a chat.