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Improve your running efficiency with these running drills

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Its' important to perform running drills if you're wanting to become a more efficient runner. By doing them you'll find your improve your running speed. 

Running drills help to improve the communication between your brain and your legs, strengthen your muscles and joints, improve your coordination, agility, balance and proprioception. 

Incorporate running drills into your warm up as an element of dynamic stretching, your muscles will then be switched on and ready to perform during your main running session. 

Running drills are good for beginners as it gets them into good habits and also a seasoned runner to improve running efficiency. 

When you're performing your running drills remember to maintain a tall posture, this inludes keeping high hips, chest up and head up and looking at the horizon. 

It's not only important to do running drills, but also to have a good strength training programme too. Include exercises like split squats, deadlifts, reverse lunges, calf raises and squat jumps, to help develop leg strength.