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Don't come any closer

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Are you a hugger?

If there has been one thing about COVID that has been a blessing in disguise is the need to have personal space.

I’m one of these people that likes my own space. Social distancing and keeping 2m apart to me has been lovely, people not coming too close is great. Especially when it comes to hugging.

My family are huggers. Now the occasional hug is lovely, but hugging when you see somebody when you first meet them and then hugging again as you leave for me is too much.

I was relieved when Boris delayed lifting the restrictions earlier on this week. It’s giving more time to track the numbers, especially with the Delta variant; more people are able to get vaccinated, it keeps face coverings in place and of course social distancing and hugging.

At the studio we continue to have all our safety measures in place from cleaning and clients own training space. Since re opening it has given clients a chance to re-focus their goals especially with the uncertainty of which races will be going ahead. We have strategically planned for various situations and adapted programmes when needed to make sure they’re fully ready when the grand lifting of restrictions happens.

It has been hard for many clients to focus their training on a race, especially when there is the uncertainty if it is going to be going ahead.  Lots of comments of ‘should I commit to train for it or not’, the danger being if you don’t train for it and then take part you’ll injure yourself. Or you do train for it and it’s rescheduled it can feel like wasted prep and training time.

How do you feel about your training at the moment, do you feel like you’re holding back with the uncertainty of races happening? Hit reply and let me know.


Gemma ‘likes my space’ Spackman

P.S But the most important question is, are you a hugger?