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A challenge for your race season

Categories: Exercise

How's your training gone this week, I can't believe we're 3 months into the year and race season is nearly upon us.

I'm at RamRun this weekend, really looking forward to it and taking on their course and rig. It's going to be a great opportunity for me to see how my training has been going and the hard work I have put into rehabbing my shoulder and back over these cold winter months.

What race have you got coming up you're most looking forward to?

This week I have another mini challenge for you. How many Press ups and ViPR drags can you do in 1 minute.

Check out the video to show you how to do them.

Keep it simple as you do your press up, make sure your head stays in front of your shoulders, abs braced and lower yourself down. Keeping your back straight. Go onto your knees if you need to and keep the straight line between your shoulders, hips and heels. Once at the top of the press up use your hand to drag the vipr out to the side of your body. Then perform your press up and again once at the top of the action pull the vipr back across to the other side of your body.

I hope you all have a great Easter Weekend, and enjoy all the Easter eggs that may be heading in your direction. We will be doing an Easter egg hunt with Monty in the garden, I'm looking forward to seeing his very excited face hunting for them.

Gemma ‘ready to race’ Spackman