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A Brand New Core Challenge

Categories: Exercise

Lots of my clients come to me wanting and knowing they need to strengthen their core.

There are loads of exercises to help this and really every exercise you do you should be thinking about engaging and bracing your core.

The muscles you want to focus aren't just your abs.

You need to think a little deeper into your body and strengthen all the muscles surrounding your spine and glutes in particular.

A while back I got come of my clients to balance and if they can do a Russian Twist on a wobble board.

It was great fun but also a real challenge for them as its transferring an exercise onto an unstable surface, so your body and core needs to be strong to compensate for this instability.

Give it a go and let me know how long you can hold it for.


  • As you take your feet of the floor and the more you lean back the harder the exercise is.
  • Squeeze from your middle to hold the position.
  • Keep your back straight as you lean back.