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3 Exercises to Help Shoulder Pain

Categories: Exercise, Injury

Shoulder pain can be a really big problem and very frustrating when it comes to exercise.

You might not realise it, but like many injuries when they happen you suddenly notice how much you use that area.

I know when was having issues with my shoulders, we eventually pin pointed the issue to a combination of two things. Being in a car crash a number of years prior and shallow breathing caused from my diaphragm being in spasm from an asthma attack I’d had when running.

I’d done a lot of rehab exercises from the car crash and it was only when I saw a different physio that she was able to identify the breathing problem. But before that everything was so restrictive and I would get pain in my shoulders, neck and arms.

At the time I needed to do a lot of upper body training as I was in preparation for taking part at the Obstacle World Championship in 2019, just to throw another challenge into the situation. This didn’t help when I knew I needed to rest and make the most of my recovery days. What I was able to do however was to make sure I incorporated a lot of traditional rehab exercises into the training I needed to do.

Finding the right exercises to get the most benefit from can be a challenge and what works for one person might not work for another. This is one reason I like working with the clients I do, everybody is a bit like a jigsaw and we have to find the right combination of exercises to fit together to see the most benefits.

Here are 3 exercises that can help strengthen your shoulders.

  • Arms bent at 90 degree shoulder flexion
  • Resistance Band Snow Angels
  • Laying Shoulder W’s

Watch the video I’ve put together to show you how to do them.