Nov 14

November 14, 2017

How to get fitter and more confident

You might have seen some of my videos last week about me starting training and having a Biomechanics assessment completed by Tiff at Ridefit Academy, if you want to find out more check out some of the videos I’ve done and if you’re looking to be able to move better, drop me a message. So far its been really useful,... Read more

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Nov 7

November 7, 2017

My Top 3 Ways to Run Faster

Who has seen the exciting news yesterday, when it was announced that the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships is going to be held in the UK for 2018! This is amazing news and a great showcase for the event, with it being held in Canada for the last couple of years. So the hard work now starts over these winter... Read more

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Oct 2

October 2, 2017

How to increase your pace

This week I’m going to share with you how to increase your pace when you’re running. Have you ever found that you feel confident having moved from doing the run-walk technique and are now able to run consistently for a set time? Do you feel like you’ve upped your game and are chasing down people and starting to overtake then... Read more

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Sep 26

September 26, 2017

How to Improve Your Balance and Bum for Running

First off this week is a MASSIVE congratulations to everybody who took part in the Robin Hood Half and Marathon at the weekend. Seeing all of the pictures and hearing all about it is so inspirational and great to see so many people support and cheer along the course. I know there was a lot of self doubt in the... Read more

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Sep 4

September 4, 2017

Who’s Your Support Crew

September is here and seems to have come upon us very quickly. The kids are back at school normality is starting to settle back in. You are getting back into your regular routine and can think about the next challenges you have round the corner. I have all my clients working hard on the next stages to their training programmes,... Read more

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Aug 22

August 22, 2017

Tips to help control your nerves on race day

Do you ever get nervous or embarrassed at the start of a race?   No matter what type of event I do I always seem to get the pre race nerves.   From when I was in school and competing in the athletics competitions, baring in mind I was a sprinter and these races I would only take a maximum... Read more

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Aug 15

August 15, 2017

Mud7 – Epic Event

Ever felt like you’ve been hit by a train after a race?   I took part in Mud7 at the weekend, what an amazing event and boy does my body know about it. I eyed up this race last year and had it on my radar as a goal to complete this year.   Laura and Monty came to watch... Read more

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Aug 8

August 8, 2017

Your most entertaining race photo!

I’m sure most of you want to look and feel good when your racing and taking part in an event. I’m sure its one of the reasons you work so hard in training so when it comes to race day everything just falls nicely into place. Now one reason most of us take part in events is to get the... Read more

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Jul 11

July 11, 2017

What’s your biggest fear when you’re running?

What’s one of your biggest fears when you’re out running? I asked this same question to the guys in our FREE How to Improve Your Running in 28 Days Group and lots of them came back with getting out of breath and having to stop in a race and linking this to their legs feeling like lead and not being... Read more

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Jul 4

July 4, 2017

Strong or Weak?

This week I’m going to tell you a story, all about whether you perceive yourself as being strong or weak. There are loads of situations where I can see myself as both of these characters. There was a proud teak tree in the forest. He was tall and strong. There was a small herb next to the tree. The teak... Read more

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