Success Stories

Lynn Brook – Personal Training

Claire Pearson – Blast Programme

Before starting the sessions with Gemma I had participated in a couple of OCR events and felt really lacking in upper body strength.

The course has been excellent. I have felt my strength increase and have seen a massive improvement in what I am able to achieve, (longer holds, better pull ups and a much greater ability to clear obstacles).

I really feel much stronger in my core as well and have felt less fatigued in my body after runs.

I am going to continue the exercise to keep my new strength up and hope to have more sessions with Gemma in the future to improve further.

Trudi Cheetham – 6 Week Blast Programme

Keisha Harriette – 6 Week Blast Programme

I decided to sign myself up to Tough Mudder this year, however felt I needed more help than simply training from online plans. I came across Gemma and obstacle training online, and thought it was perfect! I’ve gained an insight into the techniques I need and what I need to focus on. At the end of the 6 weeks I took part with others an obstacle gym course to put training to the test – I had great fun and it was a great sense of team achievement. Would definitely recommend!

Johanna Haywood – 6 Week Blast Programme

I joined the blast Programme as I have a gym membership but never had the confidence to do anything except use the treadmill. I’ve had loads of fun (even though it’s been tough!) and learned how to do lots of different exercises and now I have the confidence to know I’m doing them properly. I had the opportunity to go to the obstacle gym towards the end of the course and surprised myself at how much better I was at the obstacles, especially anything involving using my arms. It was also great fun doing the course with Gemma and everyone else from the Blast Programme. I’m looking forward to doing another course and seeing further improvements.

Cheryl O’Sullivan – Blast Programme

Nicola Gore – Individual Personal Training

Louise Eaton – 6 Week Blast Programme

I’ve really enjoyed the 6 Week Blast Programme which I’ve just completed. I’ve trained with Gemma for a few months now but during the short course my strength and fitness has significantly increased. I’ve also seen that it has benefitted and improved my running. I’ve been shown new techniques and exercises in the programme, and with the small number of people in the sessions means that Gemma can really focus on each individual and help perfect my technique.

Andy Walmsley – 6 Week Blast Programme

Enjoyable despite all the (voluntary) pain and suffering involved. The Blast sessions leave you sweaty and aching in all the right ways, but also having learned something, whether it’s a new exercise (or sequence of exercises), or a little more about how best to stretch and warm down. Also really good for identifying and addressing areas of weakness or where your technique needs improvement. 10/10, would do again (once I’m fully recovered!)

Cheryl O’Sullivan – 6 Week Blast Programme

After being out of fitness for over a year and completing in the odd OCR I found the Blast Programme has given me the confidence to take my love of  OCR to another level. With  new knowledge, I have completed Tough Guy in which I amazed myself at my level of fitness that I had gained in such a short time. I have just signed up to my first half marathon which 8 weeks ago I wouldn’t of seen myself doing.
If you find yourself needing motivation or uncertain of the correct way to carry yourself forward join Gemma for the Blast Programme. I’ve loved it that much I’m joined on for another six week programme.

Claire Meese – 6 Week Blast Programme

I have been seeing Gemma on a one-on-one basis focusing on upper body strength training for just over a year and have seen massive improvements in technique, stamina and what I can lift.

I always benefit from getting a change to my fitness routine and when Gemma told me about her 6 week obstacle training course I thought it was a perfect chance to mix things up a bit. It’s been a lot of fun!

Each week we’ve focused on something different, and she really works us hard! Although I’m familiar with a lot of the movements, I’ve still learnt a lot and have felt like I’ve done a lot after every session. I’m also really looking forward to going out to the Obstacle Gym next week. We’ve got a great little group and I think we will have a great time working our way round the course.

I’d definitely recommend Gemma’s course to anyone fancying something fun and energetic

Holly-Kate – Individual Personal Training Sessions

“I’ve always hated and been terrible at any sort of sport and physical activity. P.E at school was my worst nightmare and that sense of inadequacy seeped into every sport and form of exercise. I always felt too big and clumsy.

I got peer pressured into doing the half Tough Mudder with the girls from work, I only agreed because if I didn’t I’d be the only one and everyone would know what a failure at exercise I was. I was terrified and I was sure I’d be the last one round, I’d be too heavy for the obstacles or they wouldn’t actually let me past the start line.

I did prepare for it – I got a Personal Trainer, I still knew it would be a complete disaster. But… wasn’t! It sounds cheesy but every step I took around the course filled me with confidence. I could run! I could climb over walls! I was actually enjoying myself!

Embarking on my journey towards completing the half Tough Mudder has been life changing. The belief that I can achieve previously unheard of things has made me reassess what I am capable of in other parts of my life. I am more confident at work and have been achieving even more sport related tings. I ran a 10k and have signed up for another 10k obstacle course.

I’m not afraid of my body because I know I’m getting stronger and achieving things. This girl can!”

Emma Gordon – Individual Personal Training Sessions

I started training with Gemma 4 months ago, I’d been thinking about having a Personal Trainer for ages but never got round to calling her and booking in. I own my own business and that has always taken priority, I knew I needed to see Gemma as my fitness had slipped and I wasn’t feeling great.

I fully admit I hate exercise, but I love having a Personal Trainer. It’s been a great decision and gave me a focus to training. I wanted to feel and look fantastic for my 30th birthday…mission accomplished. I’ve lost a couple of kilos, I’ve noticed my tummy is toned and I’m looking great in clothes I’ve not worn for ages. I even got a chance to show off my new fitness levels when we went to GoApe for my birthday with friends, I was wizzing round the course and didn’t ache at all the next day.

Gemma has worked on my strength and posture with standing on my feet all day, I know it suffers. I no longer have problems with my shoulder and my clients have commented on how good I look.

Nic – Individual Personal Training Sessions

I initially came to train with Gemma to get back in the saddle of exercising, I had previously been a runner but stopped. I wanted to get back into exercising but didn’t have the get up go needed to push myself.
Working with Gemma gave me more confidence and she really inspired me, and motivated me to do more. I started running again did a Tough Mudder and went on a skydive, which was so much fun, and from looking at Gemma’ video of her skydive made me feel more reassured.
I also got into indoor climbing which I always wanted to do but never got round to, but after hearing Gemma’s great experience with doing it I gave it a go.
We swap recipes now, as I do love a good pudding, but it’s great to swap them with Gemma knowing they’ll be healthier and still taste great.
Gemma has really given me the confidence to do all these things and to keep going, I’m doing a half marathon this year and I don’t think I would have the mental capability to do it, never mind the fitness without Gemma’s help and enthusiasm to keep going and to mix up my exercises to keep it fun!

Julie and Simon – Paired Personal Training Sessions

Doing a couples fitness programme with Gemma has been great.  Neither of us are fit people and so we were a little apprehensive when we started but it has been great fun.  We have had a lot of laughs and have found the shared experience of exercising together really works for us.  Gemma is very patient and ensures that each session is different.  She helps each of us get the most out of the session while always gently pushing us to the next level.

Kristy Caddick – Hockey Player

Everyone needs a personal trainer – even though I am a personal trainer and I know what to do and how to train, I still feel I need to see Gemma to tell me what to do! I have been training with Gemma for about 4 months and it is great! I love the fact that I don’t have to think about what to do, she always has the session planned and it is always great fun! I push myself so much harder in my sessions with Gemma and feel great afterwards. I am a hockey player so we have been working on my hockey fitness incorporating circuits, ladders, hurdles and interval running. When I picked up a hockey injury, Gemma was able to adapt the sessions and we focused on upper body strength which was another goal of mine. I really enjoy every session and it has definitely made me fitter and stronger.

Andy – Gedling Southbank FC Player

Nick – Gedling Southbank FC Player

Nick Edgar – Gedling Southbank FC 1st Team Manager

“When planning my first pre-season as GSB 1st Team Manager, it was important to self-assess the coaching skill set currently within the club and what areas I needed to focus on as a priority – actual physical fitness as well as fitness awareness were two key areas I felt we needed outside help. However, I also felt it was important to bring in someone who also had a footballing/coaching background and Gemma felt like an ideal fit.

Ultimately, I believe a fitter squad will help lead to better performances and results during the season and after the 10 sessions Gemma has taken during pre-season, I am already beginning to see positive results in terms of players being able to play for a full 90 minutes and I believe this will help us win points against teams that last season we would not have done. So much so that Gemma will be joining us in the New Year to help the players burn off the Xmas excesses and I have provisionally booked her to work with the squad again for next season’s pre-season already.”

David Kwiatek – Pride Park LFC Manager

Mandy Sherratt – Pride Park LFC Player

“My name is Mandy Sherratt I play football for Pride Park Ladies in a Central Midfield role. Before these fitness sessions with Gemma I felt my fitness was below average. My main aim was to be able to gain fitness, as I’ve just started playing football after having four years out of the game. At first I thought the sessions were hard as I found out very quickly that I wasn’t as fit as I first thought. Gradually every week I began to enjoy the exercises and fitness elements towards each session.

I personally feel that my fitness has improved significantly especially in match day games. I can now seem to run a lot more for longer periods of time. I have more reserve in the tank so to speak. I would say that gaining fitness was most useful for me.

Gemma has excellent motivational skills and communicates very well with everybody, if she can see you tiring she will help develop your fitness through each exercise to help get the most from you both as an individual and as part of a team. Gemma has also personally given me good advice on how to strengthen certain parts and areas of my body as I could only make 6 out of the 8 sessions due to an ankle injury which I found extremely beneficial.

Yes I would recommend you without a doubt if you want to help develop your fitness then you are the best person to do that. You have managed to improve my fitness to more than above average, even at the tender age of 34 so you have proved that it doesn’t matter how old or young you are or how long you have been out of physical activity if you are willing to work hard and push yourself and put the effort in you can get the results you want.

So a huge thank you Gemma from myself, and the rest of the girls at Pride Park Ladies Football Club.”

Claire Statham – Pride Park LFC Player

“My name is Claire Statham, defender for Pride Park Ladies F.C. Prior to working with Gemma I considered myself to have a reasonable fitness level, considering that I am an older member of the squad at the age of 28. Although having previously played football, some years have lapsed since being part of a team and therefore my fitness level had room for improvement. My main aim for the sessions was to improve my overall fitness level and get in shape in preparation for the start of the season, whilst learning new exercises and developing both physically and psychologically.

Initially after attending Gemma’s sessions, which I have found to be both structured and challenging, I personally found that for several days after I ached. The more training sessions I have attended I have noticed a difference in my recovery rate, therefore my general fitness and stamina has improved. Which in turn reduces the risk of injury through pulls and strains, I consider this to be of great benefit.

From a motivational aspect for both myself as an individual and as a team Gemma’s training sessions have had a positive effect as we are encouraged to push our limits further than normal.

I have found Gemma to conduct very good training sessions and therefore would highly recommend her to other clubs/teams.”

Shamaila Kauser

“When I came to see Gemma for Personal Training sessions I really wanted to develop my core fitness and my strength. Gemma planned sessions that were perfect for me and I am now doing exercises and using equipment I never thought I would be able to do. At the Goalball training sessions I am now showing and beating the guys at many of the exercises.”